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How to Increase Penis Size Naturally

Many people today look for ways to increase penis size. They do not have to go far as they can find numerous organ enlargement products flooding the market today. How they work, what would be the side effects in the long run, which one of them is effective and safe at the same time, and so on; such questions are not easy to answer.

Though on a much lower level than now, men were on the look for enlargement means to increase the size. As the safest approach, they were doing certain exercises to increase the size. These exercises are now being endorsed by clinical trials and medical studies for their positive effects in increasing the size.

Male enhancement exercises, like any other exercises, have multiple benefits. You will have your organ increased in size, and at the same time these exercises will increase the ability to maintain harder erection for longer period of time. Moreover, your overall health will be improved; semen quantity will increase, etc. Your increased endurance in bed will certainly help you feel great and more confident than before. Lasting longer in bed will certainly be great for your partner too.

Mentioned below are some exercises to increase penis size, which have proved their worth for years. Many people are getting very satisfactory results.


You can choose any exercise from the various types that aim to help the organ grow in length and girth. Bring the organ to a semi erect state; using your thumb and middle finger, make a ring around it, tighten the ring slightly. Now draw the ring out towards the head of the organ; this pulls the blood towards the head and makes it very hard and full. Keep that position for about 8 or 10 seconds, then let the ring move upward and pass through the head (as you are lengthening the shaft). Each set should be of 20 repetitions, 5 to 6 sets a day will be enough. Remember, do not yank or tug, and do not make the ring too tight.


An ancient male enhancement technique that involves movements similar to what you do when milking a cow. Here, do the same 'milking' to the organ to increase the amount of blood. You will feel right away the organ becoming larger. If this exercise is done regularly, as per your own convenience, it will help increase size of Corpora Covernosa (the enlarging part of the organ) permanently; as a result, the organ will grow in both length and girth.

Kegel Exercises

In this exercise, you will have to work at the pubococcygeus muscles (between anus and scrotum). Contract the muscles between the anus and scrotum, hold until the count of five then relax. Each session should be of 10 contract/relax; about 10 session daily. You can do it in any position, as long as you are able to do it easily. Concentrate only on the muscles that you would use to stop the flow of urine. This is very popular exercise to gain control over the bladder, premature ejaculation, and to maintain harness for longer time. Many with small size organ found this exercise beneficial.

You can use herbal massage oil such as Mast Mood Oil for improving erection quality and size. There are many other ways to increase the size. Many herbal supplements such as VigRX Plus are also considered safe to enlarge the size. Whatever you take, be careful, and better opt for the safest means (like exercises or herbal supplements).

Natural Enlargement

Natural Enlargement Guide

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This book includes strategic advice to increase size naturally. This instantly downloadable book is so powerful and detailed, no matter who you are or how old you are, the techniques are universally applicable.

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