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What are the Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

During the intimate moments, when men fail to achieve or maintain an erection harder enough for or ejaculation, it means they are suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotence. Those suffering from this disorder find their and social life spoiled, they also usually suffer from depression, anxiety, guilt, and shy from women. Since they constantly fail to satisfy their female partner, all the negative thoughts lead them to experience several psychological problems.

Since in this disorder, drive or urge do not normally diminish, the situation gets amplified as you want to please yourself but find unable to do so. Just like you feel extremely thirsty but find yourself unable to drink water to quench the thirst.

Before you seek any medical attention or help of experts, or avail some safe self-medications, evaluate the symptoms to find out what really is going on, whether your symptoms are temporary (as a result of some timely medication or stressful condition), or the symptoms have established permanently.

Medical history reveals that impotence is not a new syndrome, though it may be true that the present lifestyle may have increased the happening to greater extents. Many sufferers shy to discuss this disorder and fail to treat it at early stages.

ED SymptomsIf you want to explain the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in few words, you can say that man's inability to achieve or hold penile hardness which is a must for lovemaking. He won't be able to enter his organ into his female partner since only a harder can do the job. Therefore, the inability of a man to achieve and hold his erect for is the main symptom of impotency or erectile dysfunction.

When you feel you are at the risk of erectile dysfunction, or already suffering from it for a longer period of time, do some investigations on your own. This self evaluation can lead you to find the cure and you may be able to gain the lost hardness. If the underlying causes need some medical attention or some expert's advice, you have to do that, otherwise, try some safer herbal means to get the required control.

Common factors behind erectile dysfunction are overweight, suffering from diabetes, constant depression or stressful condition, atherosclerosis, kidney disease, overuse of tobacco or alcohol, drub abuse, lack of exercise or adequate physical activity, under some medications especially tranquilizers and/or antidepressants, overburdening your physical resources and most of the time feeling exhausted, and unhealthy eating habits.

Whatever precautions or remedies lie in your own hands, you can take advantage of them to overcome the disorder. Moreover, you may also try some safe herbal preparations which are well-known as safe the approach to deal with the disorder. If you find yourself with some of the mentioned diseases, having them cured can bring you back on the track. It is not difficult, so don't worry.

Erectile dysfunction or impotency is affecting many. In the US alone, about 20 million Americans suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction. The figure of those suffering from long-term erectile dysfunction is about 10 million. If we take care of this disorder at an early stage, we will be able to avoid many complications.

Symptoms of ED

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